Adolph Schuman Founder Of Lillie Ann

Monday, April 4, 2011

Adolph Schuman according to Time Magazine began his company with $2000 he borrowed from a bank. Schuman was quoted as saying, "In the Coat & Suit industry you either got to think or die", well it's quite clear by the success of the business, Mr. Schuman was a thinker. The company began in San Francisco and was named after his wife. By the early 50's the company had grossed $7,100,000 last year, selling through 1,400 retail stores. Schuman's quest to import fabrics from France and Italy at reasonable costs began his "Trade, Not Aid" plan.
European textile mills were accustomed to making a large number of weaves in small quantities at high unit cost. His six year plan helped European textile mills to become more cost efficient and pay employees a decent wage.

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