With age often comes wisdom and a sense of self. I am in the self mode right now, and wisdom arrives daily. After close to three decades of working for others, I punched my last time clock 9/22/05, and I have not looked back. At this late stage in the game I found vintage, or did vintage find me, either way, it's been a marriage made in heaven. The learning curve is pretty steep, but the rewards are well worth it.
On one of my hunts I found this cute little red dress, nothing spectacular, but cute none the less. Well I cleaned it, looked at it for a couple of days, then decided to do some research on the designer. As it turns out the designer Patrick Kelly was the first American designer ever to be inducted into Chambre Syndicale, the elite French fashion-industry union. His story was a tragic one, but his mark on the fashion industry will never be forgotten. I am still looking for one of his signature "button" dresses.

Back to my sense of self. I cannot really describe it in words, but it's a feeling you have, an aura that permeates you. It's in the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you look at life. Things that were once urgent, no longer have priority. Things that once had control of your life, (time, bosses, deadlines, appearance), have suddenly lost their power. I am passed the half way point of the life cycle, so its down hill from here. But not the down hill most think of. I am at the top of the hill on my Big Wheel, no hands, no feet, wheeeeeee. I am riding down hill with the pizzazz and energy of a five year old, with the knowledge and wisdom of a passed mid lifer. I ask you, "How does it get any better than that".

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