Suit me up in Chocolate Tweed..

Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011

May I add confetti sprinkles with that?
I just did..;) An iridescent leather pearlized pinkish gold lapel was a smart touch..

Luscious to look at, even more so to wear. Choosing to wear a fitted suit to the office in the 40's, 50's was more of a choice than a chore. Worn for comfort and style, the working woman of this era wanted to present themselves as sophisticated as well as successful.. And.. they did.

A Night to Remember..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

Every women dreams of her Wedding day, Yet, what she wears the evening of, is what he will remember, Lavish yourself in layers of double Nylon Chiffon, lace, ruffles and ribbon, softness and pleasure.. Not just on your wedding night, but every night.. The flowing brilliance of a chiffon nylon nightgown, the innocence of white.. The essence of beauty, sweet confections of sheer delicate delight..

Here are some sweet creations of.. A Wedding Trousseau..

Vintage 50's Carillon Nylon Chiffon Ruched Nightgown

Vintage 50's Trillium Chiffon Wedding Peignoir Set S

Does it Get Any Bigger 70's Than This?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 24, 2011

In the 70s, Bells were a hit, pants took on a whole new meaning in fashion, the bigger the pant leg, the better the walk, you could strut some heavy stuff in a pair of Palazzo's we loved them! As a child of the 70s I found these bigger than better pants to be the easy, fun, stylish fashion to wear.. Dress me up.. we are strut-in some good stuff..;)
Love the extra wide leg, the cool comfy feeling, the relaxed yet, very dressy way to see the town. I love my Palazzo's!

Check this out>> what a Magnificent Duo! The flowery print, Halter top with the wide legged, high waisted Palazzo's.. A must have match..I just love this set!

Fathers Day Tribute

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19, 2011

In honor of Fathers Day we at Lady Days Vintage are cooking up a wonderful meal in our Blue Rose Chintz Apron later in the evening we will get all gussied up in our Eyelet Lace dress.. Strawberries in our Champagne to celebrate a wonderful day filled with love and admiration for a man who works hard for his family.. What a joy to dress up for him..

Yves Saint Laurent

Friday, June 17, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent

June 17, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent, born 1936 in Oran, Algeria, moved to Paris in his late teens, winning a contest for his asymmetrical cocktail dress in 1954,
he began his work for Christian Dior, He moved on in later years to opened his own couture house financed by Pierre Berg.

Saint Laurent believes he is the last true couturier, he receives a standing ovation after every collection is presented. Yves Saint Laurent maintains the highest standards of classic cut and tailoring. Yves Saint Laurent died June 1, 2008.

A perfect example of his classic collections.. A striking Avant Garde Blazer and the signature dove of freedom scarf.

20's tiered drop waist flapper dress

Sunday, June 12, 2011

20's tiered drop waist flapper dress

June 12, 2011

The flapper redefined modern womanhood.

The 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered the modern era. It was the decade in which women first liberated themselves from constricting fashions and began to wear more comfortable stylish clothes. Not the brassy flapper as defined, we see a more classical design. Displayed is an example of a tea gown, tea frock, garden party dress. Translucent fabric's like silk chiffon or organdy, and even newly created rayon were being used in these stylized frocks. Love the way this dress is designed with it's tiered drop skirt in the form of falling leaves.

Amazing 30's Iridescent Gown

Friday, June 10, 2011

Amazing 30's Iridescent Gown

June 10, 2011

Fit for the Opera..
She shines like a precious jewel, her colors are Amethyst .. Hues of Pink Topaz, Sapphire... she dances with the light. Her wide prominent quilted shawl collar makes a statement.
The 1930s changed the fashion trends of what we knew in the years past. Ever changing colors for the ever changing fashions.

Glamour, conservativeness and femininity were the defining words of 1930s.. The Gown displayed has it all.

Floral Prints of the 1930's

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Floral Prints of the 1930's
June 6, 2011

In the 1930s, the public began to feel the effects of the Great Depression, the dresses of the 30s became simple in design, the dresses were more Slender fitting to the womans figure than those of the 20s, The designers of the 30s were looking for a Romantic look, a feminine style, the use of printing on fabrics with silk screening allowed a design on fabric, until the 1930s this had not been used in America there were a few Countries that had the ability as in China, France and Italy. A breakthrough for American Textile and Floral printing on fabric was the new approach to colorful designs, to capture the changing trends. Florals started out as a copy of Botanical garden scenes, big bold floral with subtle colors to attract the eye, with time increased color added to the printing process, without the limits. Colors became more vibrant, eye catching florals. Here is an example of the changing trends in 30s fabric's, using the silk screening process. Notice the vibrant large florals.. A dark bold background was a noted way to catch the attention. The addition to Floral printed fabrics began.

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